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2018 LEEB: Villanueva Construction

2018 LEEB: Villanueva Construction
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Martin Villanueva

Villanueva Construction

Founded: 1985
Price Range: $150’s – $400’s
Areas Served: Hidalgo and Cameron County
Construction Type: Residential
BUILT TO SAVE™ Member Since: 2016

Villanueva Construction is proud of its 30+ year history of helping people achieve their dream of owning a home—and not just any home, but a home they can be proud of. Since its founding in 1985 by Martin Villanueva, this family-owned business has earned a reputation for building extraordinary homes with an outstanding value. With lots starting in the $25K range and homes in the $140’s, home ownership is within reach for most buyers.

But it isn’t the just price of the homes that has attracted so many of Villanueva Construction’s customers, it’s what the home includes that “wows” everyone. The company has truly perfected the art of including details and finishes that are usually reserved for the most expensive homes. It’s little touches designed to accommodate a homeowner’s individuality that make Villanueva homes special. With an inexhaustible array of materials, textures, colors, and designs, there is no question that they can please everyone’s tastes.

And although Villanueva Construction’s homes have always been built with energy efficient construction, their membership in the BUILT TO SAVE™ program now provides an independent third-party guarantee of high-performance energy efficiency construction that is above standard code requirements. The company’s commitment to building beautiful homes of superior value is now super-sized to include a commitment to building high performance BUILT TO SAVE™ certified homes. As a testament to their commitment, Villanueva Homes was recognized by the BUILT TO SAVE™ program—supported by Magic Valley Electric Cooperative—for building the highest number of BUILT TO SAVE™ homes in 2017. To date, Villanueva Construction is on track to receive the award again at the end of 2018 with an even higher number of BUILT TO SAVE™ homes.

Homes by Villanueva Construction

It is important to understand that most builders are satisfied with building homes to minimum building standards required by law. It takes a special builder like Villanueva Construction to want to build above those minimum standards. It takes a builder who is willing to invest more, not just the minimum, to make sure their homebuyers are getting the best value for their money. It makes builders like Villanueva Construction proud knowing that the homes they build will outperform a similar home built to bare minimum standards.

What does this mean for the homebuyer? It means that a Villanueva BUILT TO SAVE™ home will be more comfortable, thanks to proper sizing of the air-conditioning unit with a promise of even temperatures from room to room. This proper sizing is what helps remove humidity inside the home in contrast to oversized units that cool the home too quickly and shut off before having a chance to remove humidity. Most importantly, it means savings on utilities every month, thanks to a whole-house strategy that ensures tight construction, energy efficient windows, properly installed insulation, and protection from moisture problems.

The best part of a high performance BUILT TO SAVE™ home from Villanueva Construction is the peace of mind knowing that a certified home energy rater inspected the home before the walls were put in to make sure all of the program’s requirements were met. While some cities in the Valley require energy testing once the home is complete (a Blower Door Test and Duct Leakage Test), no municipality requires energy efficiency inspections when the home is under construction like the BUILT TO SAVE™ program.

Homes by Villanueva Construction

When Villanueva Construction says it builds beautiful homes of great value, they mean it. Because when it comes to energy efficiency construction, the company has gone above and beyond in its commitment to providing value—and their passion for building high-performance homes has not gone unnoticed.

In the 2018 RGVBA Parade of Homes, Villanueva Construction received the award for the “Most Energy Efficient Home” by building a home with the lowest Energy Rating Index (ERI), a measure of how energy efficient the home is. While existing homes have an average ERI of 100 or more, and average scores for energy efficient new homes are in the 70’s, Villanueva’s home scored an impressive 59 ERI. The lower the ERI score, the more energy efficient a home will be.

And the beauty of a Villanueva Construction home is just as impressive. In the same Parade of Homes this year, the company won the top awards for the two homes they entered: “Best Model in the $151-$200K Category,” and “Best Home in the $100-$150K Category.”

Combining beautiful craftsmanship with energy efficient construction is not difficult. It just requires a builder who takes pride in their work and is willing to put the customer’s needs above any inconveniences or challenges that may need to be overcome along the way. For Villanueva Construction, their reward is knowing they did what is right for the customer. It is just an extension of their personalized and helpful service in making sure the homebuyer has a happy and memorable experience during construction and for as long as they live in their new Villanueva home.

Villanueva Construction is a family-owned business run by founders Martin Villanueva, Maria S. Sandoval, daughter Stephanie Villanueva-Benitez, and son-in-law Rosendo Benitez Jr. Their entire home-building team shares the company’s mission of constructing high-performance affordable homes with superior energy efficiency, stylish exteriors, and richly detailed and textured interiors that are focused on customer needs.

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Check out their website at However, the best way to stay up to date with their home inventory is by following them on Facebook & Instagram.

Get In Touch With Villanueva Construction

The exceptional team at Villanueva Construction encourages you to call them so they can help design and build your new home. Find out about their new community “Villanueva Estates at Trinity Oaks” and all the many other homesites available in multiple locations across the Valley.

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