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2018 Leading Energy Efficient Builder: Rich Heritage Construction

2018 Leading Energy Efficient Builder: Rich Heritage Construction
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Ruben & Rosana Ruiz

Rich Heritage Construction

Founded: 2000
Price Range: From the $150’s
Areas Served: The Counties of Hidalgo, Duval, Kleberg, Jim Wells, and Kennedy; including the Coastal Bend Area.
Construction Type: Residential and Commercial
BUILT TO SAVEMember Since: 2017

Rich Heritage Construction, Inc., founded by Ruben and Rosana Ruiz, has quickly earned a reputation for building outstanding custom homes of exceptional craftsmanship and rich in impressive details. With Rich Heritage Construction’s recent membership in the BUILT TO SAVE™ program, you can also add “homes of superior energy savings” to describe their homes.

The company has long been recognized for excellence in construction by the local Builders Association for its Parade entries, winning such awards as “Best Model in the $401K to $500K Category” and “Best Home in the $251 to $300K Category.” And their recognition is well-deserved. Rich Heritage Construction’s homes are master-crafted works of art. Their attention to detail, especially in the little things, is, without question, one of the company’s greatest strengths. Their BUILT TO SAVE™ certified homes combine exquisitely crafted homes, designed for beauty, with inspected and tested construction—built for high-performance efficiency.

Home by Rich Heritage Construction

With a Rich Heritage Construction home, you can enjoy the gorgeous, exotic countertops, the luxurious marble floors, the beautiful designer fixtures, and top-of-the-line appliances—and all the other things you can see. But you will enjoy and appreciate even more the benefits of their BUILT TO SAVE™ homes: the balanced room-to-room temperatures and pressures; the indoor air quality and comfort; the tight, durable construction of the home; the savings on utility bills; and the higher resale value if you ever need to sell.

A cornerstone of the BUILT TO SAVE™ certification is making sure that the air conditioning system is properly sized. This, along with properly designed ductwork, is critical to ensuring good indoor comfort because, not only does the air-conditioner accounts for about 50% of the cost of utilities, more importantly, it accounts for 100% of the home’s comfort. What this means is that if the air conditioner is too big, for example, the unit will cycle on—cooling the home too quickly—then cycle off before it has finished removing the humidity from the home. The result is that the home’s indoor air will always feel clammy and stuffy. The only way to make sure that the air conditioner is properly sized is to review the Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning specialist’s Manual J document to ensure the home’s information was accurately input. And this is exactly what a BUILT TO SAVE™ rater checks for.

Rich Heritage Construction’s attention to “details that go above and beyond” is a perfect match with the BUILT TO SAVE™’ program’s aim to build to “standards that go above and beyond” what is required by minimum building codes. The BUILT TO SAVE™ program welcomes Rich Heritage Construction as a Leading Energy Efficient Builder and encourages homebuyers to talk to Ruben and Rosana Ruiz to learn about what makes their homes different from those built only to code. You’ll discover they are personable and friendly builders who understand that building or buying a home should be a memorable experience to be enjoyed, cherished, and valued as a “rich heritage” for your family for years to come.

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Visit for more information, or follow them on Facebook.

Get In Touch With Rich Heritage Construction

Rich Heritage Construction is a custom builder building Valleywide in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas, either on your lot or on theirs. The company offers free estimates and basic financing.

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