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2018 Leading Energy Efficient Builder: Innovative Construction

2018 Leading Energy Efficient Builder: Innovative Construction
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(L-R): Jonathan Vargas; Lourdes Vargas; Pedro Vargas

Innovative Construction

Founded: 2013
Price Range: $200’s – $1 Mil
Areas Served: Valley-wide
Construction Type: Residential
BUILT TO SAVEMember Since: 2017

Innovative Construction’s founders, Pedro and Lourdes Vargas, along with their son, Jonathan, are veteran energy efficient builders. The company was honored last year as a Leading Energy Efficient Builder and won the Rio Grande Valley Builders Association’s “Most Energy Efficient Award” for their entry in the 2017 Parade of Homes. That Parade entry also won several other awards for excellence in construction, including the most prestigious award—“Best of Show.”  In this year’s 2018 Parade of Homes competition, the company was again recognized for their excellent craftsmanship with the “Best Model” award and the “Best Curb Appeal” in the Over $400K category.

Home by Innovative Construction

The Parade accolades that Innovative Construction has received are undoubtedly well deserved. The visual beauty of their homes’ exteriors and interiors is impressive, and what is under all that beauty is even more impressive—especially if you are the one that is going to live in an Innovative Construction home.

While the quality construction of a new home is often judged by what can be seen, it shouldn’t be. True quality should be measured in how the home was built. Was it built to last—with very little maintenance required? What about its energy consumption? Will the utility bills be low and reflective of a tightly constructed home? More importantly, will the home’s interior be comfortable to live in? These questions should be asked by every homebuyer, but even then, the home buyer should ask for proof—written proof.

Written proof—in the form of a written guarantee from a RESNET licensed, third-party home energy Rater—is Innovative Construction’s competitive advantage. As builder members of the BUILT TO SAVE™ program, the company has their homes inspected during construction and tested upon completion to make sure their BUILT TO SAVE™ certified homes meet the strict requirements of the program.

The BUILT TO SAVE™ program is not just about high performance in energy efficiency. The program uses a “whole house” strategy that focuses on all the components of a home that need to work perfectly together to achieve a superior-built home. From properly designed duct work and properly sized HVAC systems to making sure the home’s envelope is properly sealed, Innovative Construction makes sure everything is done right before the walls are installed.

The “take away message” for homebuyers is that it takes a confident builder, one who cares and is not afraid to let a third party inspect his or her work, to certify homes in the BUILT TO SAVE™ program.

Innovative Construction is not shy of inspections. Originally building in California before moving to the Rio Grande Valley, it was not uncommon for the company’s homes to go through up to 117 inspections—per project. In Texas, where builders are not required to have a license and some cities do not enforce the mandated 2016 International Energy Conservation Code, Innovative Construction made it a point to do what is right for them and for their customers.

The company has a furnished model home in the community of Jackson Heights in Edinburg, Texas, that can be viewed by appointment. Innovative Construction is a custom builder and can design and construct homes for a variety of budgets. They are the perfect builder for you if you are looking for a personalized, custom-built quality home—especially if you want the peace of mind of knowing that what is behind the walls is as “well-built” as what you can see in front of you.

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Check out the company’s website at and follow them on Facebook.

Get In Touch With Innovative Construction

Contact Innovative Construction for a private viewing of their model home, or for a consultation on having them build your new dream home.

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