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2018 Leading Energy Efficient Builder: Divine Custom Homes

2018 Leading Energy Efficient Builder: Divine Custom Homes
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Olga Treviño

Divine Custom Homes

Founded: 2008
Price Range: $150’s – $500’s+
Areas Served: Valley-wide
Construction Type: Residential
ENERGY STAR® Member Since: 2009
BUILT TO SAVEMember Since: 2014

Divine Custom Homes, founded in 2008 by Olga Martinez, has been an ENERGY STAR® Partner since 2009 and a BUILT TO SAVE™ member since the program’s inception. Over the years, Olga and her team have consistently received special recognition from two utility companies: Magic Valley Electric Cooperative and AEP Texas, for their loyal commitment to exclusively building high-performance homes.

Divine Custom Homes is the only builder in the Rio Grande Valley who builds 100% of their homes as qualified ENERGY STAR® homes, and this automatically certifies the homes as BUILT TO SAVE™ as added value. While many builders found the new Version 8 of the ENERGY STAR® program too demanding and ceased participation, Divine Custom Homes not only embraced the new, stricter requirements—they took it a notch higher by adding the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label to their ENERGY STAR® qualified homes.

Home by Divine Custom Homes

To receive the Indoor airPlus label, a home must first be qualified as an ENERGY STAR® home and undergo an extensive checklist of requirements that focus on protection for homeowners from breathing in dust, mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and other toxic pollutants found in a home’s indoor air. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that many indoor air pollutants can be two to four times higher than outdoor levels. Whether one suffers from allergies or asthma, we should all be concerned about the indoor we breathe in a home where we live and sleep for most of our lives.

In addition to being 100% focused on building energy-saving and healthy homes, Divine Custom Homes was an early pioneer of “green building” in the Valley, and today, continues their environmental stewardship by certifying their homes as “GreenBuilt RGV” in a voluntary program administered by the Rio Grande Valley Builders Association. To earn the GreenBuilt RGV certification, Divine Custom Homes uses sustainable materials, products, and environmentally friendly building practices in the construction of their homes. While a home with reduced energy consumption, increased utility savings, and superior indoor air quality is ideal, adding a “GreenBuilt RGV” certification that helps homeowners do their part for the environment—makes the new home simply a DIVINE home.

Divine Custom Homes’ commitment to building long-lasting, sustainable, energy efficient homes that exceed the standards for healthy living is all about what is behind the walls—inspected, tested, and verified by a licensed third-party Rater. Yet, it is the company’s talent for master-crafted exteriors and interiors that is most obvious. Since its beginning, Divine Custom Homes has received many awards in a variety of categories for excellence in construction through participation in the Rio Grande Valley Builders Association’s annual Parade of Homes. In one particular Parade of Homes competition, the company was honored by receiving almost all of the awards, including “Best of Show”—a record that has yet to be matched.  

Divine Custom Homes’ team should be congratulated for their role as a Leading Energy Efficient Builder. Their recognition as a “leader” is well deserved because all of what they do goes above and beyond what is required by law. Olga Treviño’s hands-on approach in overseeing each phase of the building process is complemented by the additional inspections and testing of a third-party home energy rater. The result: a buyer who buys a Divine Custom Home receives written guarantees of the home’s certifications for peace of mind and future resale value rewards.

Divine Custom Homes offers Valleywide custom home building in the $150K to $500K range. They will build on their lot or yours, and invite you to call them for a personal tour of their furnished model home in the community of Mission Valley in Mission, Texas.

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Get In Touch With Divine Custom Homes

Divine Custom Homes offers Valleywide custom homebuilding in the $150K to $500K range. They will build on their lot or yours, and invite you to contact them for a personal tour of their furnished model home in the community of Mission Valley in Mission, Texas.

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