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BUILT TO SAVE™ Award of Recognition Presented to Villanueva Construction

BUILT TO SAVE™ Award of Recognition Presented to Villanueva Construction
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Magic Valley Electric Cooperative and BUILT TO SAVE™ are proud to present Villanueva Construction with the award for building the highest number of BUILT TO SAVE™ certified homes in 2018. The company has received this award for two years in a row–a testament to its commitment to building superior homes that out-perform homes built to standard code requirements.

While the impressive energy savings of a BUILT TO SAVE™ certified home are great benefits to the homebuyer, the additional benefits of the program are the ones that homeowners can appreciate on a daily basis. 

A BUILT TO SAVE™ home offers the utmost in interior comfort: consistent temperatures throughout the home from properly balanced air pressures; improved air-quality and a dust free environment from whole-house sealing; reduced humidity in the home from a properly sized air unit; and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the home was inspected by an independent third-party Rater before the walls were put in to ensure “quality construction.”

Whereas most builders are happy meeting only the minimum standards required by law, builders like Villanueva Construction who are not afraid to have a licensed third-party Rater inspect and test the construction quality of their homes should be commended for having the confidence and the commitment to achieve the highest standards.

Congratulations to Villanueva Construction for contributing greatly to the quality construction of homes in Magic Valley Electric Cooperative’s communities in the Rio Grande Valley. More importantly, Villanueva Construction’s  “above-and-beyond” commitment to building superior energy efficient homes contributes greatly to the quality of life for the homebuyers.

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